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I specialize in Artist Signed Postcards – Clapsaddle, Brundage, Wain & Many More



This is a short list of the

Signed Artists I sell :


Ainsley, Anne

Andrews, Ellen Jessie

Barnes, G. L.

Bem, E.

Bennett, Harriet

Blodgett, Bertha E.

Boulanger, Maurice

Brisley, Nina

Brundage, Frances

Clapsaddle, Ellen H.

Daester, Mary

Ebner, Pauli



Haig, Beryl

Hine, L. M.

Hingrem, L.

Jackson, Helen

Kennedy, A. E.

Marcellus, Irene

McGill, Donald

Neilson, Harry B.

Pearse, Susan B.

Preston, Chloe

Richardson, Agnes

Schmucker, Samuel


Spurgin, Fred

Stenberg, Anna


Tarrant, Margaret W.

Theile, Arthur

Thompson, G. H.

Twelvetrees, Charles

Upton, Florence K.

Wain, Louis


and many more !





6910 Tenderfoot Lane, Cincinnati Ohio  45249-1041   USA     EllenHBudd@aol.com



Online eBay Auction Sales



I usually list over 100 auctions on eBay each week.  Gallery images are used on most listings. This gives you a fast preview of the listings. 


Some auctions start as low as $4.99 US.   I list cards in all price ranges up to $99 US. ( some start higher )


This link takes you to my current EBAY Auctions







I have 40 years of experience in collecting cards and have assisted in the writing of a number of books.  I have written and published two of my own books on the cards drawn by Ellen H. Clapsaddle & Frances Brundage.


NOTE :   I specialize in Artist Signed cards and Holiday Greetings. 

I do not offer town, city, state or foreign country geographical postcards. 



Thank you very much for checking out my web page today ! 


I look forward to hearing from you soon about your Postcard Collecting interests.



Ellen H. Budd


Please Click to Send Me an Email :  EllenHBudd@aol.com





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